Default page when creating domain


We’ve personalized the default page which is created when a new Siteworx account is created.

The files we’ve changed are in: /usr/local/interworx/etc/skel but the problem is that everytime Iworx is updated, our index.html file gets overwritten and we have to manually replace it with our modified file.

Any idea/suggestion on how we can prevent this from happening?



I created a folder in root with a copy of all custom files. I then run a cron job, once a day to copy these back.

This works for the skel files and error messages.

I do not use it for anything else though

You can edit ~iworx/iworx.ini and modify the skel path under the [iworx.dir] section to point it to your custom folder.

Make sure you read the warning at the top of the config file though!

Hi pampero

You need to ssh into server, not rdc and you need root access, then edit file using your favourite editor

~iWorx/iWorx.ini is the correct position but if you want full location, as follows /usr/local/interworx

A big word of warning, amend at your own risk, best advice make a copy.

Many thanks