Developer access?

Hi Interworx.

We’re in the process of developing a hosting automation / billing application, and read good feedback about Interworx out at WHT. Do you have a developer sandbox available by any chance? We’d need an Interworx machine with which to interface while we implement the necessary modules on our end.

Thanks for your guidance!

Hi circlical

Welcome to IW forums

You maybe best advised to open a support ticket and ask

Good luck

Many thanks


Thanks John.

I’ll do that. Barring a response, if anyone here sells reseller space at a reasonable price, that I could use to test API integration, I’d certainly pay and chalk it up to progress :wink:


Hi circlical

I’m sure you’d receive a response either way.

If you want to pm me, I’ll set you up as a reseller on our test server (subject to only use for dev) if it helps.

As a side note, we use whmcs, and to be honest, it would be extremely good if your software sets reseller accounts correctly and adds clients to the reseller account.

Many thanks


I’ll take you up on that, thanks man.

Hopeful that it’s not construed as pimping my stuff, because it isn’t quite finished yet – but I’ve just today installed a (very) nascent setup at I’d definitely welcome anyone who wants to help guide the assembly. It’s precisely the kind of thing you write, that I need. What’s out there, what works and what doesn’t. It’s ambitious to gather a worldly wish-list, but anyone who wants to put a pebble in the wall is welcome. My hope is that I can guide this to a viable milestone in very short order! Interworx is the first hosting module I’ll tackle, and tackle I shall until it’s just right (by popular vote!).

PM incoming!

Thanks again.

John (or anyone!)
(John btw, thanks for the setup!)

it would be extremely good if your software sets reseller accounts correctly and adds clients to the reseller account.

What behavior are you seeing exactly? Want to be careful not to replicate it! The way the API is structured, after what’s probably a relatively cursory read, it’d seem that the API key being used is what determines the parent account that governs additions.

You’re using an API key that belongs to a reseller/domain, and the packages are not added under that user?

I suppose I’ll discover proper operation as I dig into the API, but prescience is never bad :wink:


Hi Alex

Many thanks, yes, whmcs use api key from IW.

However, IW let’s all resellers on system create their own api key, but I thought the api key is just used as authentication onto IW server, and then it is command driven ie gives access to api commands, similar to CLI commands.

Many thanks


Almost done! Just writing PHPUnit tests.

Hi Alex

Many thanks, looking forward to having a look when your ready and if you don’t mind.

I don’t think I let you know, but the test server is running a higher php version then the default install of IW, but at some point, iw will default a higher version of php.

Many thanks


We got the test suite all written up, and in executing it, are encountering uncaught errors on the Interworx side. Opened up a ticket with IW last night, hopefully we get a speedy reply!

1) InterworxTest\Service\ResellerClubServiceTest::testListPackages
InterWorx Error Report:
   FILE: /usr/local/interworx/include/IWorx/API/Controller.php
   LINE: 57
MESSAGE: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorx/API/Controller.php errorHandler (57)
0 route (0)
/usr/local/interworx/lib/ZendFramework/library/Zend/Server/Abstract.php call_user_func_array (232)
/usr/local/interworx/lib/ZendFramework/library/Zend/XmlRpc/Server.php _dispatch (599)
/usr/local/interworx/lib/ZendFramework/library/Zend/XmlRpc/Server.php _handle (337)
/usr/local/interworx/include/Ctrl/XMLRPC.php handle (73)
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorx/Method.php indexAction (142)
/usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php invoke (422)
/usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php _invokeMethodAndPlugins (399)
/usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php _invokeAction (156)
/usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php _route (105)
/usr/local/interworx/html/index.php route (37)

News shortly!

Looks like there’s a strange general failure with the XMLRPC system, the smart folks at Interworx are digging into it. The SOAP interface works perfectly though, and so we’ve retooled things to continue with it.

I had a question, that’s probably a matter of preference: do you prefer to create your packages within billing software, or, would you rather the billing software pull existing plans from within Interworx?

Also, if you had several IW boxes that had similar plans configured (name of no consequence, think allocation and config; be it bandwidth, space, etc.) - would it be useful for the billing software to reconcile these different plans as a single store offering, and offer a “fill” algorithm? For example:

IW Box 1
bronze plan
silver plan
gold plan

IW Box 2
lite plan
medium plan
advanced plan

Billing Software
Starter plan: [group: IW1-bronze, IW2-lite]
Basic plan: [group: IW1-silver, IW2-medium]
Advanced plan: [group: IW1-gold, IW2-advanced]

Then, when a store offering is purchased, the actual space is created on the IW box in a IW-plan-name-agnostic fashion. Would this concept of groups be of benefit? I thought it’d be wise, since it’d make way for an interesting profit maximizing algorithm, and, allow you to expand very easily.

Look forward to your thoughts (anyone)!


Hi Alex

Kudos to you

Re issue with xmlrpc, did you let IW know it’s on our test server. If not, I’ll email IW to make sure they have access. I’m sure they know this but better to be sure, and IW can do anything on our systems - those guys rock.

Also, our test system is running php5.6 and zend2 for php 5.6, with latest ioncube. The default IW install for hosting php is 5.3.8

I myself never have that much thought to having billing software create the package, BUT the more I think about it, the more I prefer this method (as long as package creation within IW software still allows a package/siteworx/reseller account setup Independant, if you understand what I mean sorry it sounds confusing to myself as I type this post)

Your method would I believe allow correct reseller assignment of new hosting (siteworx) to be placed within their reseller nodeworx account

I was also thinking, but maybe not applicable at the moment, but would your billing software have api for registrant (I I use reseller club for domain/SSL) and also the payment gateways/merchant account.

I hope that helps but I’ll reread and think more, if you don’t mind.

Hopefully, more users will post their thoughts/ideas

Many thanks


I was also thinking, but maybe not applicable at the moment, but would your billing software have api for registrant (I I use reseller club for domain/SSL) and also the payment gateways/merchant account.

You bet, here are a few screenshots of where it’s at with registrars and Interworx integration in the back-office. We take a test-driven approach, our PHPUnit tests are 80% complete, it’s the front-end work we are taking our time with. ResellerClub and Interworx are the interfacing case studies.

Don’t mind the name of the software in the corner or the overall colors, we’ll quickly deal with all that before GA :wink:

Right now we need input. We’re moving ahead without it, but community experience is invaluable - so thank you very much for your time. The code will be open-sourced, minus a small licensing core.