Disable all mail services


We’re using external DNS and not offering email services. Is there a way of hiding the Mail tree from Siteworks users?
Basically, I’d like the anything mail related to not show up in Siteworx. Is this possible?

Hi uncloudedweb

I think this is possible, but probably indepth to do.

Have to looked at the siteworx skel to see if it can be removed from there for new siteworx accounts

The other area you would need to review would be iWorx siteworx, which would also need amending.

As your looking to remove it in full for all siteworx users, then the above should, if you were looking to remove for some siteworx users and not others, then I believe it is not doable.

If you look at IW docs, etc, it will help and of course, if you change IW like this, any support from IW maybe void and at there discretion.

To be honest, if a client does not want to use the IW mail server, it’s easier for us just to leave it available still to the client, and some clients have changed to us in full

I could be wrong though, so I apologise in advance.

Many thanks