Disable default FTP account?

When I create a SiteWorx account and specifically indicate NO ftp accounts I am still seeing a default FTP master account created for each SiteWorx account… I thought the expression was ‘computers do what you tell them to, not what you want’… in this case it’s doing neither :slight_smile:

How can I delete the default MASTER ftp account… that account must not used for anything since I can block ftp at the firewall and nothing breaks…


Hey Cliff,

I did some testing On a production box I created a siteworx account with 0 of everything including FTP and saved it. Then went to the account edit screen to see that it had saved it not as 0 but as 1.

Then I did the same thing on a development box and it did save it as 0 and when I went to SiteWorx it did show 0 of 0 FTP accounts on the mains creen but the page to create/edit ftp accounts is still on the menu (databases, email and the other features are were not). When I tried to create an account it failed.

So to conclude, there appears to be a bug in the 2.1.3 code which has been fixed in dev and there is a bug in the dev code as far as the page template is concerned.

Opening a bug, hopefully we can get this fixed in the next full version.

If this is just for one domain and you absolutely need it removed you can open a support ticked with the domain in question (include root and nodeworx login) and one of the devs can remove the ftp account in the database.

As for the screens to add them, you would need to manually remove them from the template and that’s not advised because it would effect all accounts using that theme.