disk storage allotment warning message

One of our customers is getting the disk storage allotment warning message:

“This in an automatic informational message to notify you that customerx.com has used 95.45% of its storage allotment under your current plan…”

They are claiming that they are not using that much space and want us to explain and detail the space used by them.

How is this figure calculated? What does it include?

Is there a way to produce a report so we can show our customer where is their space being utilized?

Thanks for your answers.


Hello Rodrigo,

Our storage system is parsing data from repquota -q {quota_partition} ({quota_partition} is defined in /nodeworx/settings). So basically that means that any file owned by that user on that partition will be counted in their storage quota.

If you want to see a list of all files owned by that user in that partition you’d execute:

find {quota_partition} -user {user}

This will take awhile to run.

If you want to see the size of each file (in K) you would run:

 find {quota_partition} -user {user} | xargs du

Keep in mind though that summing of those numbers won’t be accurate because a directory’s size will be listed as well as the size of each individual file in the directory.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your prompt answer.
The above commands are not giving me any relevant data.

I used instead:

du -sBM /chroot/home/user/* | sort -nr

du -sBM /chroot/home/user/var/user.com/* | sort -nr

And now that seems to make more sense.
Is this OK and accurate as to the space used by a particular user?