Distributed Environment

I don’t know whether this has been discussed (and I guess it was but I could not find it)

I want to have 3 machines to run my hosting environment, one to host apache, other mysql and the third email and dns,

I think the solution is the clusters, I am not sure, and I don’t know how,

Can any one give me a hint on thi[B]s


I don’t think it exactly works like that, but more of a load balancing.

Any Idea on how this can be accomplished?

Interworx in clustering mode will allow you to have one (or more) servers host web sites and another (or more) servers host email+dns. However mysql runs only on the master node (which also is the load balancer) and cannot be run on a separate machine (and be controlled through the control panel).

Our clustering setup works a very specific way. And to clarify: the Cluster Manager is also the MySQL server. All HTML and mail data are physically stored on the Cluster Manager but the load of the web traffic is shared across all servers according to your LB policy.