DKIM Private Key?

I’ve searched the forums but can’t seem to find where Interworx stores it’s private key for DKIM. I need to change it to be consistent with other servers.

Can someone please point me to the location?

Hi mikei

You can edit dkim from the siteworx account directly.

Many thanks


John… do you ever sleep? (lol)

I’m missing something… There is no way to replace the private key from the interface that I can see. Edit just allows you to turn on/off and view just views it.

I see what you mean in Siteworx. Replacing the text seems more straight forward in Nodeworx under DNS/Zones.

Edit: I just checked to make sure a Siteworx account is allowed to edit DNS records, and it was set to Yes. If yours is enabled Siteworx will let you edit domain keys with its zone editor in the Domains section. The ‘edit’ button/link in your screen shot doesn’t work for me either.

Our DNS is hosted externally, and even if we did host in IW, that’s the public key. I need to locate the storage for private key so I can replace it.

This must be it:


Hi Mikie and Sysnop

Sysnop is correct, it is /etc/domainkeys/domain.url/

I do sleep, it’s just were in different time zones I suspect

many thanks