DNS and two IPs on a server

I have 5 static IPs from my ISP, and I would need to have to have SSL on one of my domains, witch will require a dedicated IP, I also need another IP for shared domains. I’m using a switch to use my 5 static IPs. If I connect two ethernet cards to the server, can they have there own IPs? and witch IP should my domains that I got from godaddy.com point to since each IP needs a diffrent External IP for DNS in nodeworx? Please tell me if i’m not clear about what i’m trying to ask.

You can give one eth0 card multiple IP address that it listens on. They will become eth0, eth0:0, eth0:1, eth0:2, eth0:3, and so on. Each one of this “virtual eth’s” can get its own IP address.

The best part is all of this can easily be done through NodeWorx. Check out this doc (http://interworx.com/support/docs/iworx-cp/sysadmin/server/ip-management/howto-add-ip), it should get you started and if you have any further questions just update this thread.

but shouldn’t they each have diffrent IPs for there DNS? They would each need diffrent external IPs inorder for them to work right? becuase of port forwarding

If you are using an external DNS you would just point the SSL sites to their own individual public static IPs and the shared all to the same one IP, if not you make the DNS ns1/ns2.yourserver.com point to your “main” public server IP.

As far as port fowarding if you are giving your server the public IPs to its eth card then I dont think you need to do any port fowarding as the server would be open to the internet and if you are using private IPs for the server then I guess you could assign different private IPs match up to the different public IPs, but Im not exaclty sure how that works b/c I havne’t tried that.

Do you think this will work?

2 ethernet cards on 1 server, use a switch and each ethernet card will get a external IP, but how would the DNS work?