DNS Clustering

One of the nice features of CPanel is their DNS clustering with regular and DNS Only servers. Our ucrrent setup we have 3 CPanel hosting server and then one additional DNS Only to round things out. We are looking at moving at least one of the hosting CPanel servers to Interworx but one of the many concerns are the ability to seamlessly handle DNS changes. Right now DNS is a no brainer.

  1. Is there a free DNS Only equivalent version of interworx?
  2. Does Interwox have the same ability to handle DNS clustering as CPanel? Meaning if I have 3 or 4 interworx server can they cluster and auto sunc DNS changes between them all?
  3. If not what are other doing for DNS and nameservers? I really do not want to have to manually update 4 servers everytime there is a DNS change.
  4. Shot in the dark, can interworx talk to a CPanel DNS Cluster for record syncing?

I know there are DNS services out there however in an effort to keep costs low we would prefer to avoid that.

Hi bluerayconcepts

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Simple answer to your questions is yes

There is a free 1 domain only IW-CP specifically for DNS only. If you want a free license for this, you need to ask IW or an IW reseller. We could provide one but you would need to register an account.

Yes, all IW-CP DNS can fully cluster to each other for DNS (or in any direction you prefer)

I am not sure if IW-CP can DNS with CPanel but certainly IW-CP can xfr zones - so depends if CPanel can also do xfr zones

If you did not know already, IW-CP can server cluster on all services, email hosting etc, with exception for MySQL but MySQL could be setup on your own MySQL cluster and tell IW-CP to use your MySQL cluster

Many thanks



Thanks for the info. Thats good to know. I am currently waiting for postfix to get implemented before doing any major testing as we have some custom mail stuff that wont work with qmail. The DNS was about the only other major thing that was a stopping point.

Been looking at Interworx since November. Documentation is a bit limited but hopefully that will be expanded upon in the future.

Thanks for your input.