DNS : external mail server

Hi, this should be a simple issue but I haven’t managed to set an external server to handle email. I’ve been trying to add an MX record pointing to an external server but Nodeworx just won’t take it.
Can anyone please tell me how I can do that.


Sure, it’s a 2 step process:

  1. Add an A record for the mail server if one doesn’t exist already. This A record should have the IP of the off-server mail box, we’ll call it ‘mail2.blah.com’ for this example.

  2. Next, add the MX record for the previoulsy added ‘mail2.blah.com’ and give it a ‘target’ of ‘10’ or some other integer for the precedence level.

That should be all there is to it, and if you have any problems at all just let me know.


Hi Chris, Thanks for your response, however, my customer wants to have everyone.net to manage her email, so the record should look like
blah.com. IN MX 10 sitemail.everyone.net.
No IP is provided for sitemail.everyone.net and their TTL (A records) is extremely low, which means I can’t use their IP since they change it very frequently. I don’t think it’d work if I use a CNAME, would it?
Any ideas?

Just enter “sitemail.everyone.net” as the host JustMe.


OK, I’ll give it a try, Here’s what I’ve done, I still have to wait for it to propagates to see if it works;
-Added a CNAME mail2.domain.tld to sitemail.mailserver.com
-Added an MX record for mail2.domain.tld (Preference 10)
Will that work?


All you need to do is add an MX with host sitemail.everyone.net and precedence 10 JustMe, just 1 record.


Sorry, I didn’t see your last message. Nodeworx will only take IP addreses for A records, which is good, foolproof!!!. Could you be a little more specific??? Is there any way to edit dbjdns records manually?

Check out the attached JustMe, and no, there’s no direct editing for the data file available. The web interface is the only supported way to manage DNS info.

Yes!!! That’s exactly what I need, but Nodeworx won’t take it, target box will take the precedence level when adding MX records, IP adresses when adding A records, and I can’t use any IP ???
Or, you mean
Host: sitemail.everyone.net
Type: MX
Target: 10
Can I do that??? Will the mail arrive? There are no ns records pointing sitemail.everyone.net to my server!!!
I know this is an unusual request but this lady is getting me crazy, I hate unusual requests.

Thnks Chris for your patience, I’ll give it a try, If you say it works, IT WORKS!!! :slight_smile:
That’s what I call Customer Service!!!

It does not work

Sorry, but it does not work this way, I’ve done exactly what Chris told me to, (he was very explicit, by the way), but mail just get lost, it arrives two days later to the original server (not the off site one), I suppose because of the A record. I reckon that’s because there are no ns records pointing sitemail.everyone.net to my server, I’m going to try now using a CNAME as per one of the previous posts, but if anyone knows how to edit tinyns from shell, I’d really apreciate your help, also, mail sent from the server remains in the server, which is the normal behaviour but not the desired one, anyone knows how to prevent it???



Can you open a ticket with us. I’d like to check out your box first hand as it seems to work fine in here in our test setup.



p.s. I’m running out of the office right now but will be back later tonight.


I sincerely apologise Chris, this woman is getting me crazy. Your solution works perfectly, mail is delivered to third party server. However, that means external mail, mail sent from own server, remains in the server, as it should be, there is no reason for messages wandering about. Nevertheless, we’d like to prevent messages to remain in the server and be delivered to the off site mail server. Any Ideas?? , Thanks again and please accept my apologies.

What you need to do here is the following:

/home/vpopmail/bin/vdeldomain <domain>

That will tell Qmail that mail for the domain is no longer to be handled locally.


Any risk, mail cannot be delivered from that account if I do that?

You can perform that operation safely, as far your mail server is NOT in the box. That’s your case :wink: I have off-box mail servers, promise :slight_smile:



It works!!!

I did not need to change anything, the server does not keep any email if DNS is configured to an external mail server, ie, I didn’t need to delete any domain in qmail and mail is not handled by the server. Thanks again Chris. :slight_smile: Gracias a ti tambien Juan.