DNS issues

Hi all,

Hope this is the correct section, having issues with my DNS.

My first question is can I just run BIND? much more familiar with it.

However if that is not possible, how do I fix this issue:


For Domain NS records it lists ns1 as being the old IP, which I’m not sure how to change.

This seems to be an issue at the server level as the registrar information is correct.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Kat

You need to sync the NS where you registered your domain.

As you have changed to your server for both NS, you may have to wait while it populated after sync.

You cannot change IW to bind, but you can set another server to use bind and axfr from IW to bind.

To be honest, you had it set correctly before changing both NS to your server, but all you needed to was add in the A record ns1 into your DNS on your IW server.

If you want to check our test server in introdns, so you can see how it’s set for each NS, it’s 3sh.co.uk

If you want to show how you do it, I will be it will be tommorow as I’m going out for a family meal sorry very soon

Hope that’s alright

Many thanks


Hi John,

As the image above shows it seems my DNS is set correctly. However intodns is still complaining that ns1 is pointed to the wrong server.


Hi Kat

Many thanks, and sorry, the wrong record is at the parent domain for ns1.

You need to correct this at the parent zone, ie where you registered the domain and told it which NS to use, so you would change ns1 to your ns1 IP address as shown in your IW DNS.

Then, you will need to add glue for it from memory of introdns test

This then should correct the issue, but you also are showing in glue for the same IP address for ns1 and ns2, so double check your IP addresses at parent and glue records.

Hope that’s alright and makes sense

Many thanks