DNS Only Cluster & Compatability

So I know that cPanel officially will never state compatibility with any other system, but I’m curious now that we’re all facing per-account costs, if anyone has any experience using an existing cPanel DNS Only cluster with other systems using standard BIND zone transfers?

I realize there could potentially be other metadata, logs, or any other number of things that could cause this to not work, but if the DNS Only cluster is simply loading any existing BIND zones present, then it would stand to say that using standard BIND zone transfers to push zones to the cluster may just simply work.

Does anyone have any insight?https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/

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Interworx uses its own dns and can be clustered by any number of IW dns servers - there is a free 1 domain license which is normally used for dns clustering

Others use powerdns and other dns providers and syncd by Xfr which again is easy to do, but just needs a small command run manually to open up/setup xfr and I think from memory, a cron job.

Sorry I have tested the above once but use IW dns clustering

For those who cluster hosting servers, these can also be dns clustered

I hope that helps a little

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