DNS Question

Okay I know this is probably an obvious one but I looked through the documentation and the forums here and what is the difference between a pointer domain and a secondary domain?

A pointer domain appear to be the equivilent of a cPanel parked domain, where you park domain2.com on top of domain.com. If you have domain.com/test.php then going to domain2.com/test.php calls that same file and to any end user they do not know that domain2.com is just parked on top of an account for domain.com.

Is that how that works?

And if I got that right I have no idea what a secondary domain does…sorry.

Thanks for your help everyone.


You’re correct about the pointer domain. The secondary domain is equivalent to cpanel’s “add-on” domain, where you’re hosting more than one domain on the same account, but they each have their own webspace.

Cool thx for the info Greg :slight_smile: