DNS Record updates

I use my home computer on cable for hosting a few different services like syslog and bandiwdth monitoring etc. So each time my ip changes I change the DNS record in interworx. For some reason it does not always work infact the last 5 times I have tried most the times it does not change on the server. I try flushing it restarting it nothing works. My ip changed again and I use my computer at home from work. I just updated the records flushed dns on all ips and local and it is not updating. Has anyone experienced this issue and if so what have you done to fix it?

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Do you get any errors at all in the interface? Does the interface reflect the changed IP or the old IP?


There are no erros and the interface has all the new info. When you check the records from another server some of the records have changed and some havent. It does it on both of my interworx servers or I would think something was wrong with the server. If you are around tonight ill give you the inforamtion to the server so you can see exactly what I am talking about…

Have you tired changing the TTL (time to live) setting on the zone file so that caching nameservers acn pick up the changes?

No I havent the wierd thing is some of the records for the domain work some dont.

Hi Shell-box,

Can you private message me a couple domains that do work and a couple domains that don’t? Or, if you’re comfortable with it, post the domains here.


All seem to be working but one now…

Have you loooked into use a dynamic DNS service so that you dont have to update the Iworx DNS? Basically I think the DDNS is basically what you are doing now, but down automatically through a remote DNS when your IP changes.

I used to have a dynamic service set up of my own. My ip changed once in a year until recently when it changed three times. Some of the stuff I use is ip based and do allow a few customers access to bandwidth graphs and monitoring so I dont really want to use anything like no-ip.com or yi.org but I appreciate the suggestion. I have thought about setting dynip up again with verytopsecret.info. Just was wondering if anyone else had problems when updating ips etc…

Keeps happening.

I just updated IPs again and it continues to happen. I would n’t care but if I ever have to change ips for a customer and this happened it would a be a problem… If anyone finds a solution to this problem or experiences soemthing similar let me know…

Problem Resolved

I just wanted everyone to know how this problem was fixed. I talked to the guys at InterWorx and they basically figured out yum was causing the cronjobs not to run. So if you have a problem like this you make want to try stopping yum if it seems to be hanging then the cronjob will run.

Thank you guys this is one of the many reasons I like Interworx better then Cpanel! I guess everyone has there opinion but support is nice to have when you need it!

Thanx InterWorx

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