DNS records when Transferring domain

Hey guys,

This is more of an annoyance then anything but i believe im not the only one that is having this issue and i believe a fix wouldn’t be too hard.

The problem happens when your importing from one nodeworx server to another. While using the mass import tool when you move a domain over to another server I get a little issue with the dns. What happens is that my domains have custom mail server records for (A) Mail.yourdomain.com and (MX) mail.yourdomain.com.

Even though I have removed them from the previous server, when ever i transfer the domain over i get a new MX and A record added to the already populated dns record list.

Im not quite sure if you guys get what im saying but if you need a better explanation ill do my best to provide you guys with one.

thanks for reading

This one was a bug, and it’s been fixed at least since 4.8.

Thank you for this Robert! Great work :slight_smile: