DNS recursion


Just setup my first server with interworx and have a problem with DNS recursion.
I want to allow my box to do recursion for 1 external IP address ( my windows DNS server that is setup as my backup dns server with simpleDNS )
On my other servers with Directadmin that uses Bind I can make this happen with the line “[SIZE=1]recurseallow { localhost;; 66.xxx.xxx.xxx; };[/SIZE]” in my named.conf

Don’t have a clue where to look for here as interworx seems not using bind as dns server. :o

Any help would be grateful.


Hi Ed,

See this HOWTO describing how to do this.


As it mentions, the first step is to make sure you use an IP that isn’t using iterative dns services already (if you need to remove it on one first, you can do so from the DNS Overview page in NodeWorx).

Let us know if you have any problems.


Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply and the link.
I tried what described there and the install went good ( I think ) , but SimpleDNSPlus does not seems to receive any data from my interworx box.
I an having a look now in my log files located at /var/djbdns/dnscachex- and there are coming in a lot of lines like this:
[SIZE=1]@40000000471d0ab7255d21d4 starting
@40000000471d0ac012c8dc5c tcpopen 5802ba16:1495
@40000000471d0ac012c8ebfc tcpclose 5802ba16:1495 protocol error
@40000000471d0b260f2520ec tcpopen 5802ba16:149f
@40000000471d0b260f5139fc tcpclose 5802ba16:149f protocol error
@40000000471d0c511385cb8c tcpopen 5802ba16:14ce
@40000000471d0c5113b2de9c tcpclose 5802ba16:14ce protocol error
@40000000471d0ca13b80f2c4 tcpopen 5802ba16:14d1
@40000000471d0ca2011ea8c4 tcpclose 5802ba16:14d1 protocol error
@40000000471d0d302ffe1c24 tcpopen 5802ba16:14de
@40000000471d0d30302bd72c tcpclose 5802ba16:14de protocol error

It seems my other dns server is trying to get information but there is some protocol error and I cant find any protocol settings anywhere.

Any clue where to look for ?



Hi Ed,

Probably best to open a support ticket so we can login and check this out, I’m not sure what that means without poking around.