DNS Replication Possible?

I’ve seen quite a few different threads and “how-to” posts about how to replicate DNS to a non-Interworx server, but they all seem really old.

I’m curious if there is a way to achieve this easily today? I’ve got the option to use either BIND or PowerDNS as my secondary DNS server, however it seems as though BIND requires me to add a domain and then allow it time to sync. PowerDNS didn’t work at all (as far as AXFR from the primary machine).

What would be a best practice for this to work? Alternatively, would it be helpful to have a script that runs on a secondary DNS server using PowerDNS, that queries the API to pull domain and record info? I’m considering the latter option myself if I can’t find a reasonable solution to this. I’m honestly a little surprised that InterWorx doesn’t make this really easy.

What would be really handy in the future, would be to have a Route53 plugin that allows us to host all domains on a reusable delegation from AWS Route53 - white label global DNS ftw!

I appreciate the input and help.

Hi Whraleigh
Welcome to interworx forums
Please could I ask if you have setup AXFR correctly on your IW server and enabled AXFR shell user (currently it will be disabled).
As a check, have you dig a domain to confirm you can access the DNS
As far as I believed, PowerDNS should do AXFR transfers, and not read anything from PowerDNS stating otherwise. I am on the PowerDNS mail list.
Bind I have not really used before, but I’m sure other users will post.
I think you may have a small issue on API method, if wanting to change a record, which another post has highlighted, as it need ID record but good luck if your going try, I have not had much time to fully test myself, and would appreciate if you could post how you get on.
Also, have you read this post, which may help, but I’m sure you have.
Many thanks