DNS resolve the new TLDs?


Does anyone know that the Interworx dns resolve the new tlds ex: “.london”?

Yesterday I added one “.london” to my server, and still not working… :frowning:

sorry for my english.

Hi Bblori

I’m sorry, we do not have any .london TLDs, but all other TLDs work lovely, with no issues, and I mean the latest released TLDs.

Have you checked ot make sure the NS are set correctly, and have propogated.

Also, with some TLDs, it can take a little time for the domain to be fully registered and available, which we found out when registering a uk, which you can only register if you own the .co.uk domain.

If you want to PM the full domain, I’ll run a check from here for you and let you know.

Many thanks