DNS Sync chaining?

At the moment I have 3 DNS servers, my shared servers sync separate to each one of them.

So I have SH1 syncing to DNS1, DNS2 and DNS3 right now

Every new server I setup has to be chained to all 3 of them.

Would it work to have DNS1 sync to DNS2 and DNS3, and then I just have to Sync new servers to DNS1 and it will then push the DNS to the second two DNS servers? Wasn’t sure if it would sync the shared records since they aren’t actually on the DNS1 server if it’s syncing from the Shared server.

Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi staxed

Yes, it should work fine I believe.

If I understand your proposed setup/current setup, I myself would sync sh1 to dns1, dns1 to/from dns2 and dns2 to/from dns3.

In this setup, your pushing all zones between all 3 dns servers, which covers anything you might sstup on each of dns servers.

I hope that makes sense and sorry if you already setup sync two way.

Many thanks


At the moment I don’t have the DNS servers syncing to each other simply because I don’t put any records at all on them, and have no intention to. If I never use them for more than syncing shared records to…would I still need to have them going to/from each other? (just thinking of trying to save as much cpu/ram as possible here as they are just small VPSes at the moment).

Hi staxed

Many thanks, and you can set it up as your first post.

I was just covering all servers, not knowing your setup,

To be honest though, I suspect the resource would be extremely marginal as it’s similar to rsync.

Many thanks


awesome, thanks :slight_smile: