DNS sync question


I notice interworx can only sync to 1 server - yet we need primary and secondary DNS.

How are people achieving this?

Does it work many to 1 and then have that 1 sync to secondary?


We sync every server to every other server as both a Publisher & Listener. Works very well :slight_smile:

That doesn’t make sense. So you have to juggle a 2 name servers for every 2 machines? Im looking to have 2 to 3 DNS servers for the entire infrastructure.


What you can do is designate 2-3 servers to be the DNS servers for the entire infrastructure, and then have each iworx server sync their data to them. Does that make sense?

Ah! I didnt realize you can sync each server to more than one. Very sweet. I think if we have 2 dns 1 and 2 could even do it this way:

server01 => dns1
server02 => dns1
server03 => dns1
server04 => dns1
server05 => dns1

Then dns 1 => dns2 => dns3 so on

This keeps it simple.

Hello Paul,

I have 6 servers syncing to 2 dns servers now. My question is, shouldn’t I be able to see the zones from the 6 servers on the 2 dns servers?

I have all 6 servers as publishers and the 2 as listeners. These servers are new and have only put a couple of sites on one for testing. I am not seeing the copy of dns data in nodeworx.

Is there something I need to do like add a cron job to initiate a sync once or twice daily?

All publishers show status as SUCCESS AND ACTIVE.


You don’t see the zones in the NodeWorx > DNS Server > Zones pages, no.

If they are showing as Active then they are syncing, which occurs every 15 minutes (you can see it in the /home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log file).

Iworx uses some form of data merging for the DNS Server to use the machines own DNS Zones and the synced data. All DNS Changes have to be made on the server where the Actual zone is created.