DNS Syncronization

Dear Sirs,

I’ve just setup two interworx boxes, each one with their own zone files.

Now I want both to Listen and Publish zones file within each other, like this:

Server 1: Zone A, Zone B
Server 2: Zone X, Zone Y

Server 1: Publishes Zone A, Zone B, and Listens for Zone X, Zone Y
Server 2: Publishes Zone X, Zone Y, and Listens for Zone A, Zone B

I’ve already setup this, but…
As you can see in attachment, it isn’t working for both ways. Keep an eye on the updating times.

Is this any problem or limitation? If it’s a limitation, can it be worked arround?



Hi jrochate, we just responded to the support ticket you have open. Thanks,


Just for the record…

This problem has been verified, solved, and it’s fix will be included on next releases.

Thanks IW Support


We will be setting up a couple of boxes like this soon. Will we be affected?


If you use hostnames rather than IP addresses when setting up the sync’ing, it will be no problem. It’s just when IP addresses are used that the bug can get triggered.