Situation: My data center doesn’t have DNS services.
Server is running inside of a NAT environment
Goal: To turn on the DNS panel in I-worx panel.

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to the control panel world and Interworx. This is our first time setting up servers so that customers can actually manage their sites themselves. Prior, we had been doing all the management via cmd line and/or scripts.

I am trying to figure out how to get the DNS to work inside of the iwx-cp. We are currently using Amazon Route 53 and Rackspace DNS.

Can you guys tell me how you have your DNS set up if you aren’t using a service?



Your question is too vague to fully understand your issue.

Have you checked the domain dns externally to confirm the a records point correctly your server

Have you allowed enough time to elapse since changing dns to your server

Have you flushed your dns cache

If possible, it’s better if can state a domain where this is happening (there’s no information given out which could not be easily gained externally) and also state which ip it should be using and or if the name servers have been pointed at your server or not

I assume your dns is fully open on port as you state some domains

Hope that helps

Many thanks