DNSsec for TinyDNS

I originally posted this in general discussions for nodeworx, but it’s more suited here.

I recently found a patch and script to tinyDNS, that enables DNSsec support.

I remember that bernstein wasn’t found of the DNSSEC system. And there for refused to add support for it in TinyDNS. But in steps the opensource community to the rescue!

Service providers are heavily encuraged from TLD curators to support DNSSEC.

The swedish ‘.se’ foundation heavily lobby for wider adoption of DNSSEC (In Swedish).

It would be great for us if Interworx added this patch to the current tinyDNS RPMs.


I’d like to see IW add support for DNSSEC regardless of which DNS server they decide on going with. In this thread, it looks like PowerDNS might be the way they go? I’ve been using PowerDNS and DNSSEC on a cPanel server for the past few months, and hate to give up DNSSEC when I migrate that server to IW.

I would like to see the DNSSEC implemented as well, coming from cPanel, I am getting requests from customers what happened to it?

Perhaps we can vote on a matter of urgency to get it implemeted in 2021 to avoid another 7 year waiting and losing customers to competition?


Hi @Evanion

Thanks for posting this. We will take a look and see if that patch will work asap!

I have a script that pulls and compiles our customer zones from a SQL server into a data.cdb file.

PowerDNS can read this file just fine. My question is: If I want to enable DNSSEC for a domain in the data.cdb file, how do I go about doing this? Because it seems like I have to import that domain into the PowerDNS database and then run the "

Hi @edisonkeith

We don’t yet support DNSSEC and for now, you would have to use a non-InterWorx managed DNS service if you need it. However, support for DNSSEC is one of our priorities for this year. Most likely we will use PowerDNS.

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