Does interwork work with Ubuntu?

Given centos is moving to centos steam.

The current version of CentOS is CentOS 8, itself built atop RHEL 8. Normally, CentOS enjoys the same ten-year support lifecycle as RHEL itself—which would give CentOS 8 an end-of-life date in 2029. This week’s announcement puts a headstone on CentOS 8’s grave much sooner, in 2021. (CentOS 7 will still be supported alongside RHEL 7, through 2024.)

Current CentOS users will need to migrate either to RHEL itself or to the newer CentOS Stream project, originally announced in September 2019. The distribution FAQ states that CentOS Stream will not be “the RHEL beta test platform,” but CentOS Community Manager Rich Bowen’s own announcement describes (CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream – Stream as “the upstream (development) branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.”

From CentOS Linux is dead—and Red Hat says Stream is “not a replacement” | Ars Technica


No, InterWorx will not work with Ubuntu. Minimum requirements can be found here: What are the system requirements of InterWorx Control Panel? — InterWorx documentation

CentOS/Red Hat/ CloudLinux 7 are the only currently supported OSes. AlmaLinux and RockyLinux 8 and 9 support are currently in development, though I do not have an ETA, though 8 support is slated for internal testing by the beginning of the year, so that is a step closer to public use.

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