Does the bandwidth usage reflect e-mail getting sent from smtp?

I have multiple clients sending out massive amounts of e-mails because of mailing lists that they have of paid subscribers (sending up to 5,000 at a time). But their bandwidth usage doesn’t begin to reflect the bandwidth usage doesn’t reflect the bandwidth being used to send such lists, only that of apache usage, thus I can’t bill them for the amount of bandwidth they are consuming as there is no evidence to prove the usage. Their e-mails are being send via a php script on their account.

Any ideas?

As far as I know Iworx currently doesn’t track any email BW usage, even if you are sending from Outlook for example. I asked about this a long time ago (even before FTP was tracked). Very shortly after I (and others) asked about it FTP BW tracking was added but not SMTP/POP3. I forget now, but Chris explained why this wasn’t an easy task. It wasjust a problem based on the nature of how the email works with Vhost.

Yeah, I can understand how it’s a pretty difficult task to pull off… it’s a pretty important feature in my opinion if you are hosting sites that can easily use 30-40GB of transfer via a locally hosted mailing list :slight_smile: Imagine 5+ clients sending out a few thousand e-mails everyday and the bandwidth consumption used in the process. :wink:

Anyway, it’s part of the reason I charge those clients more than the rest of my clients for hosting, so I suppose it’s justified for the most part - would just be nice to be able to track bandwidth consumption based on what they actually use so that I get compensated for it in the future.