domain alias or change domain directory

Hello is there a way to set an account main domain with email accounts etc… (not secondary or pointer domain) to direct to another account domain or to change the directory the domain loads when requested via a browser.
the reason I ask this is I want to run multiple domains with there own stats, email accounts, etc that points to one accounts directory with a installation of magento commerce which will be running multiple online stores with different domains.

How can I do this?

I had done this with no problem in isp_config 3 (im sure this is a basic control panel compared to interworx)
I’m now with a new hosting supplier but I cant figure out how to do this in interworx.

Is this do-able with secondary domains???[/B]

Hi gamma

I hope you don’t mind but I seem to remember there is a way to do this, shown in the forums but I don’t have time to have a look just now sorry.

I’ll try to post the forum link for you very soon or do a search of the forum for sub domain mapping I think it’s under, where you can change it manually, but a word of warning, it will be untested and most likely not surpported.

Many thanks


Hi gamma

I hope you don’t mind but I think this is the post.

I’m sorry if I’m wrong

I hope it helps

Many thanks


Hi John,
Thank you for your help on this.

After loads of research of possible solutions and ways of making this work.

i decided to create the first account on the server as the master which will run magento in a sub folder in public html. and administer the database and ftp for magento

I then edited the interworks skel file to include this folder as an alias sub folder in every new account that is created.

This way i can run each account normally in its own right or with a little rewrite rule run magento in the folder.

I’m hosting only my own websites on my server so this solution is fine for me. it seems to be working with static content not tried with dynamic yet but it should be ok.

Kind regards