"Domain Already Exists"

Hello all,

I’m having an odd problem which I hope you all can assist me with.

I had an account created for “domain1.com” but then had to delete it due to non payment.

The client then paid so I proceeded to add it again. When I try to add the account under Siteworx Accounts again I receive an error message saying “Domain Already Exists”.

I can however add a DNS entry manually but for some odd reason I cannot add it as an account.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find a duplicate entry.

Is this a known bug?

Hi mpcomputers,

This isn’t a known bug. If you open a support ticket I’ll be happy to check it out.


Thank you, I have submitted the ticket.


The support here is excellent, Thank you for the quick response!

On this same thought, does Iworx have the ability to suspend an account for non-payment (or any other reason I choose :stuck_out_tongue: ) without deleting it and setting it up again?

does Iworx have the ability to suspend an account for non-payment

Yes of course.

In nodeworx go in the list of all siteworx account. Click on modify then there is an option to have the domain inactive

If you need to do this automaticly you will have to use the IWORX api and send a xml request to your nodeworx server. You may fnd more informations about this in the interworx documentation