domain redirect to another domain subfolder

One of our clients asked a question which I thought had been asked on the forums, so I thought I would post here in case it helps someone
Our client wanted to redirect a domain to another domain subfolder, where both domains are on the same server
mytest.url needs to goto test.url/subfolder
Initially I thought domain pointer, but this cannot point to a subfolder
To do this, and I have not tested it, but cannot see why it would not work, would be to login to the siteworx account of the domain which needs redirecting, create a htaccess if one does not exits, on the redirect, you set / as the folder, and input the correct full url of where to point to, http://mytest.url/subfolder, then set the type, permanent, temporary etc…
save and this should work I believe
I hope it helps but sorry if I am wrong
Many thanks

Hi John,

I can think of another way, but haven’t testetd it: You could create a subdomain with the same name as the subfolder and then redirect to that subdomain. Then the correct Rewrite would already be in place via the subdomain logic in the vhost_domain.conf.

Will try it when I find time, might come in handy some day.



Hi Michael

Wow good idea and sorry, never thought of that but if memory serves, Paul posted a good few years ago for using that method to make mydomain.url/webmail be referenced as webmail.mydomain.url I think

Sorry if I am wrong but kudos to you

Many thanks