domain stop resolve at random time !!

Strange issue.
After few days, 2 or 3, the domain hosted on servers, stop resolve.

If i ping from inside to anydomain hosted on interworx server recice repply host unknow !

I restart netowr service, bind, etc etc and nothing of that fix.

Reboting box domains resove again !

When this happen, if ping outside from server, domains resolve correctly, just stp resolve inside box, and that create trouble cusotmers can send pop3 mails, recive error temporal dns fail etc etc

Some idea what create this trouble?

You said you restarted “bind”. InterWorx-CP doesn’t use BIND and if you’re starting it at all it may be conflicting with InterWorx-CP’s dns system.


Well sorry i say bind, yes i see no sue bind i restart the djbin used by interworx.

The situation is interworx stop resolve internally domains hosted on box.


this happen again at this time, please chek asap, i cant rebot servers all days when this happen.
Its very strange , its possible i have something bad configured, but i dont think that.

Your DNS server setup on the domain itself is incorrect. I just updated your ticket.


chris fix the tropuble faster, its my mistake when configure dns.
Support its really amazing !!


haha, I don’t think it’s fixed yet but when it is we’ll both be glad dj-grobe :).