Domain stuck in forwarding ???

So, I imported a Cpanel account that included a forwarding of the domain to an external site. I need to restore the regular path of the URL and delete the URL forwarding. So I have the DNS properly pointed to the interworx web server install. I have deleted the entire account within Nodeworx, and then recreated it. However I cannot get the URL forwarding to delete and restore the proper mapping of the domain.
Where would the URL forwarding be taking place on the server or within Nodeworx, or Siteworx?? I have checked all of the domain pointers sections for this domain, and there are none listed. I am beginning to think there is a htaccess or other file on the server that is still hanging around forwarding this domain.

Thanks for any help…

Hi hostpanda

The URL forwarding will be set in siteworx.

You may have an htaccess file or hardcoded in another file, but I don’t think so

Have you pinged the domain to make sure your computer is pointing at your server and not using cached DNS. If it’s cached DNS, just remove your cached DNS and retry with ping, if it still does not resolve correctly, then it will be your upstream DNS of your ISP ca he, and may have to wait upto 8 hours for refresh

I could be wrong so I apologise in advance

Many thanks


Thank you for trying to help.
There are no pointers in Siteworx for this domain. To complicate matters, I deleted the entire account and recreated and the URL forwarding is still taking place. I did ping the domain and it is pointing to the server. Somewhere in Apache or Interworx this domain forwarding is still present, I just don’t know where to find it…
Thanks again

Hi Hostpanda

I believe the forwarding is either by htaccess or hardcoded in a file, and to help others with htaccess forwarding, please see pic.
I believe if your host already contained a htaccess file, this would be used.
There are a few other possibilities, but with no real domain to test, it is hard to speculate, but are they any listings of the domain where it is forwarding too in DNS zones shown from nodeworx, system services, dns, zones
Many thanks

First off John, thank you.
Second this is the most odd thing - there is no Htaccess file under siteworx. However when I view the web logs within siteworx, it shows that the domain is looking for a url that doesn’t exist from an old wordpress install. The domain is still forwarding, it must be something else.

Hi hostpanda

Ah, it makes a little more sense now I know it’s a wp install

I think the redirect maybe in wp

I do not think Apache forwards itself, nodeworx will not, so it has to be siteworx (subject to defaults not been changed within config files for Apache or nodeworx)

I hope that helps, but in the meantime, as a work around whilst you find the file doing the redirect, why not set the domain it is redirecting to to your server in host file. Should work but apologies, I could be wrong without knowing your full setup

Many thanks


Ok, so check this out - I deleted the domain from my Nodeworx hosting account all together. The domain is still forwarding while it is pointed to my server. So now what???

Hi hostpanda

I would think it is DNS then, if there is no siteworx account in full (including secondary siteworx account)

If you want to pm me the domain and the domain it is pointing to, I could run a few tests here whilst it is not setup.

It could also be old cache

Beyond that, I’d to think a little more

Many thanks


i have similar problem

Hi klapek

Welcome to IW forums

I’m sorry, need more information to help you

What is your IW-cp version and distro

Is it a vps or dedicated full server

Ideally, what domains are showing this issue

Many thanks