Domain suspension

The next question would be if the user has a (siteworx) and branches in more than one domain name that you know only one or two domain names to suspend the domain but the other as in heaven so on.
Such a thing is possible?
A thank you in advance for your answer
It is difficult to speak English sorry if uncomprehending little thing.


At present, it’s only possible to suspend an entire SiteWorx account, not individual domains within a SiteWorx account. I’m having a hard imagining when you’d want to suspend only one domain and not the entire account, though – can you elaborate on that?


Hi Brett
Sorry, I’m thinking voice means a user has more then 1 siteworx account, say 3 siteworx accounts, 2 of which are known and the third may not be known (for whatever reason), and the question they are asking is, is it possible to disable all siteworx accounts connected with a user account, if that makes sense.
It’s about the only thing I could think they mean, but I am tired sorry.
Many thanks