Domains needing separate ip question ??

What is the correct way to do this ?

standard setup in nodworkx i have 2 nameservers using 2 different ips, several domains use these nameservers/ips.

Domains needing separate ips ?

i want to add some additional domains but don’t want them using the namesever ips, whats the best way to do this or would it be easier to add another ip to nodworkx and setup a resellers account using new nameservers & ip.

Also if i have a domain siteworkx account in the main nodeworkx can it be moved to a resellers account ?

Thank you for your help

Hi Bear,

Are you talking about dedicated IPs? You have two domains that need their own IPs and that is why you aren’t using the same IPs as the other domains you have?

If so, just add two more IPs on the IP Management page in NodeWorx, and set them to dedicated, and use those IPs for your two domains.

You’ll be able to move accounts between resellers from the interface in v.3.0, Until then, you can use this script command line:


Hi Socheat

yes you are correct i have 2 domains that need there own ip.
I think what has confused me is when setting to dedicated ip, it still uses the same nameservers that my other domains use.
after spending some time reading the forum posts on dns and the difference between shared and dedicated settings in nodeworkx, i now have a better understanding of how it all works.

That command script will be very useful, thank you

not sure why but getting a no glue error on dns look up of my domains
Glue at parent nameservers error

i have gone to my domain register and made/setup my nameservers ns3 & ns4
i have used 2 of my ips from my dedicated server for the nameservers.
the nameservers ns3 & ns4 have been used for my nodeworkx setup,
sitworkx accounts have been setup using the 2 ips i used for my nameservers and in the ip management they are set as shared ips.
i also have added additional ips to be used as dedicated ips one per domain.

my dns records show as follows for the 2 ips used, (sitworkx account example): A A (added these) A (added these) A CNAME CNAME NS NS MX 10

i have added 2 extra A records as this seemed to solve the problem in the past.

could someone advice me the correct way to setup the use of the namesrvers i have created in nodeworkx or if what i am doing is correct.
i take it the ips i have use for the nameservers ns3 & ns4 can be used in my nodeworkx for siteworkx domain accounts.

Thank you


Have you actually registered the nameservers with your Domain Registra so that the domain database provides the glue?

yes i own the domain and have setup the nameservers on it
reference to this how to

still i am showing no glue on all my domain look ups using dns tools

only added these 2 a records to try and correct the problem not sure if there needed or not. A (added these) A (added these)

will have another look

thank for your reply

If you want to PM me your domain, I can have a look at a for it and tell you where you are missing :slight_smile:

some domains appear to be ok but others are still showing this glue error.

i will pm you some examples
thank you

okay further to this glue problem, what i have found is:-

my namesevers are &
all domains that use the .biz ( have no glue problem
any others for example,, all have glue error.

Now if i change the namesrvers so they have .com, for example
the glue error disappear ??
must be something to do with being in the same tld group or something.

is there anyway to cure this problem or is it only a problem with using
at least i have found the problem.

ideas anyone

thank you