Dovecot Failed to start listeners ?

Just some advice needed? not sure if this is a bug?

I updated the server Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server certificate and the service was supposed to restart. Dovecot failed to restart and checking logs it was due to another process running on port 587.

master: Error: service(submission-login): listen(::, 587) failed: Address already in use
 master: Fatal: Failed to start listeners

checked what is running on port 587 and indicates tcpserver

[[email protected] ~]# netstat -lnp | grep 587   tcp 0 0 :::587 :::* LISTEN 20267/tcpserver

To get dovecot service running i disabled submission (587) in Nodeworx - Dovecot MSA Server Control and dovecot started up straight away.
After trying to re-enabling submission (587) in nodeworx, dovecot service stop again.

The port is used by some of my email clients and i need it re-enabled, could i stop tcpserver, enable submission (587) and then restart tcpserver ?
What command would i use to stop tcpserver and restart again.

Any advice appreciated

Thank you

bloody spam again, this forum needs configuring to keep the spam bots out. :mad:

Hi Bear

Many thanks and I am sure IW will review when time permits

How did you get on with dovecot

Many thanks


Just re-read my comment, looks rather abusive, not meant read or sound that way :eek:

Never got round to looking at the Dovecot issue as got side tracked so just left it disabled.

Hi Bear

You comment/post was perfectly normal, not abusive (well maybe to spammers but they deserve it) and I fully understand frustrations of spammers spoiling threads - they are getting clever by initial post not showing any spam and later editing it to add spam - even making spam letter colour white!

I used to be able to disable a user account but when forums changed, I can no longer disable a users account (was good for spammers as they had to register again)

Many thanks


I run a forum and keep most out with a combination of capture, question and answers, and spam checker but yes i agree they are getting cleaver.
They are a real pain, one of my pet hates