Downloading SiteWorx Full Backup from NodeWorx Dashboard & can't go to any other page

Title says it all. I just realized that for some reason when I’m downloading a 4GB file that is taking sometime (not sure why it’s so slow when downloading through the NodeWorx apache, but that’s a different topic) that I can not go to any other tab on NodeWorx, it just sits there spinning, not timing out, just never loading another page.

I guess it timed out and it was back on the NodeWorx login screen, I signed in and I am able to use it even though the download is still going.

Hi Justec

I was just thinking the same re timeout value

I think the download speed is more to do with connections then IW apache but could be wrong sorry. We are a test server in UK, so if you want to test from UK to check you can (this uses IW apache) but please remember their is rate limiting on UK to USA links, depending upon number of connections in use between UK and USA - this though may have changed since I last looked into it years ago

Many thanks