Drop qmail in favour of Postfix

Hi folks,

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into qmail, especially since some spammers exploited a brute force attack that has allowed them to create hundreds of thousands of emails from anonymous@xxyy.orpheum.ca. I’ve recently implemented some stricter qmail measures on SMTP and POP, and only about a week later does it seem like the spammers have given up (with current methods at least).

While doing this research, mainly in how to lock down qmail and stop this exploitation, I discovered many people recommending dropping qmail and implementing Postfix instead. Apparently it’s much better at preventing abuse.

Has there been any discussion around this before? Could someone at least look into the possibility of replacing qmail?


There hasn’t been any sort of discussion about replacing qmail with postfix, though from what I understand it would be extremely difficult to do so. I’ll have a conversation with our programmers and see what they say, though.

Hi Robert,

I would appreciate a discussion occurring. InterWorx could also consider Dovecot, which is included in cPanel. Orpheum just purchased a company that was hosting its clients on cPanel, and while I’m slowly moving those customers over to InterWorx accounts instead, I definitely see some of the reasons people like cPanel.

But please, don’t get me wrong. I have never regretted my decision to go with InterWorx, and I’m still a very happy customer. :slight_smile: