duplicate dns entries

We have a very urgent problem and the interworx support needed 4 hours to reply and gave an answer that described the root of the problem, but that didn’t help.

Now I am waiting for a new reply that hopefully helps me.

The Bug I found in Interworx is, that it was somehow possible to set up clustering while dns-synchronisation was turned on, which resulted in all DNS entries getting duplicated.

Now I disabled DNS synchronisation, but the entries are still duplicated.

Does anyone know how I can reset the djbdns data?

What doesn’t help:

  • flushing or restarting the dns service.
  • removing the dns service from the IPs and re-adding it

What did help (for single entries) was deleting an entry, waiting until everything is synced to all NS-servers and then re-adding the DNS entry. But this would take a very long time for all records.