Edit Accounts...

Hey not sure if this is just my server or a bug, well 2 bugs.

When I edit an account Interwork Locks up or takes about 30 mins to edit, but all it does is open the config file and forget to close it which will not let HTTPD work. So I have to manulaly edit sites. This was while changing sites from Active to inactive and back manly.

The Mail Que template seems to not be right in Cool whatever or the Interworx theme.

Hi Godboko,

This isn’t a known problem so if you could open a support ticket so we can check it out on your server that’d be great.


So I need to get with Sago about this?

Ok thanks for the help,

You can open a ticket here: https://secure.interworx.info/support/helpdesk/?_a=tickets&_m=submit

Hey paul will post the ticket in a few sorry had another issue with my server.

I think I have the same issue - when you edit or add an account, the page just freezes and doesn’t update.

I had a client ask me to change his siteworx PW, and when i did so, it removed the user account on that Siteworx profile altogether. Nothing I do will allow me to re-add the account.

Int, if you open a support ticket with all the details I’m sure we could figure out what needs to happen to fix it - and try to reproduce it so we can determine how this could have happened. It almost sounds like a database corruption issue, but hard to guess.

Godboko, did you open a ticket regarding this issue? I never saw one come through.


No offense Paul, but you guys have seemingly been really busy the past week or so. After the show, I got a reply to a ticket but after I replied to it, I never got a followup. I’m still waiting on a different issue to be resolved, and now this one.

Seems like i’m the only one with these problems too. My server must be cursed :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense taken int, if you’re not happy we want to know about it so we can do a better job.


Well you just fixed up every darn issue I had it seems =)

Thanks Paul - you guys really DO do a great job with your CP =)

My (few) customers have thus far been extremely satisfied with it!

Thanks for taking care of all my problems tonight.