Email Alerts


Apparently, when a client reached more than 80 % of his disk sapce limit he receive email. That’s ok, but my client receive more than 50 mails per day saying he has reached this limit !!!

One per day should be enough :slight_smile:

How to disable this or to change per client the limit to more than 80 ?



Sorry for the delay Pascal.

You can increase the threshold by editing the line


in the /home/interworx/iworx.ini file.

I agree once per day is probably enough, but I’m not sure this is as easy as changing that ini entry, I’m looking into it.

Actually I should mention that it’s the
that is under the

Sorry for the delay Pascal

No pbm :slight_smile:

thanks Paul, no way to define it per user basis ?

none yet pascal. It’s server-wide.