Email Aliases

Where does InterWorx store the email aliases that are created through siteworx?

As far as I know you would put a .qmail-emailaccount file in the /home/vpopmail/domains/domainname_for_emailaccount.
.qmail-emailaccount would be a list of all the email address to forward to

Example: -->

Create file “.qmail-bob” with contents “” and this file will be saved in “/home/vpopmail/domains/”

I have tried this and it works, but it does not show up when you are in SiteWorx mail aliases, so obviously InterWorx is handling this in a different way. Also, if you do put a .qmail-emailaccount it will override the interworx forwarder. The only thing I could think :confused: of is that it’s stored in the database and the only way to manipulate it is by using the programs in /home/vpopmail/bin (valias in this case).

Thanks for the info :smiley:


All siteworx aliases are stored in the vpopmail database (as you surmised) and are created / deleted by using the /home/vpopmail/bin/valias command (or sometimes with direct DB manipulation).

The method you use is fine, but siteworx only shows those entries that live in the vpopmail db in the interface.


Thanks for the quick response.

One thing I fogot to ask in the first post was…

Using SiteWorx is there a way to add multiple recipients to one alias?

Yep, that’s what the ‘email group’ is all about. You have a single alias with more than 1 recipient.