email being delivered locally, and shouldn't

I have an IW server running my websites. One of my websites is a forum. This forum sends email notifications when topics are updated etc. The forum email routes it’s email through IW (don’t know why… but it does - that’s ok) This works well for emails that are sent to address’ outside of our domain. However, if the forum sends an email to someone from it tries to deliver it locally to the webserver rather than using mx records to point to OUR mail server.

This is what I’ve tried (and it’s still not working)


  • Turn off local delivery for the secondary domain where the forum is running and the top domain
  • Use SMTP routes to point
  • Use SMTP routes to point to (left blank) [/LIST]

    As I’m writing this, could this be something with IW’s DNS server causing amuck?

  • Hi mikei

    You need to tell IW siteworx on all for domain and subdomain that email is not handles locally.

    Make sure the mx records are set correctly, and can resolve correctly from the IW hosting server to your IW mail server

    Change your smtp routes to show address

    Delete the route blank, this does not route and is confusing to smtp routes.

    I hope that helps

    Many thanks


    I finally got it working, I turned off the local delivery for secondary domain and failed to turn off my main local delivery.

    I’d like to however, tweak this so I can get to work, to receive admin mail to, in addition to using my corporate mail server mx for internal employees.

    What’s best practice?

    Hi mikei

    I’m sorry, your confusing now sorry.

    I thought you wanted all email to goto your mail server and not the hosting server.

    Also, your forum mail will most likely be sent using form scripts, which is most likely set to use localhost - change this to your mail server. However, not knowing your forum I could not help, as some contain their smtp settings or dictate how there sent.

    If you want to receive email forum.domain.url on host server, but have duplicate email to domain.url, just simply set the local delivery option to on for forum.domain.url and place a copy to domain.url (clearly you need proper email addresses).

    The above though, perhaps lends itself to a better setup for both IW servers, but as I do not know your setup or intended use, is hard to gauge but you may want to consider cluster, and then the above is negated.

    Many thanks


    Hi Mikei

    Sorry, you would need to delete the smtp route for forum.domain.url as well if using suggestion above

    Many thanks



    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately most of your replies to my posts seem to start with “sorry you’re confusing me” - sorry I’m such a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: my wife says the same thing.

    Let me try to explain another way…

    Currently - (now that it’s working)

    Joe user at the forum gets a notification on his post, so the forum sends an email to using IW SMTP server (IW IP Address).
    employees at the form also gets a notification on his post, so the forum sends an email to using IW SMTP server. In this sceario IW is using MX records and happily sends it to me at

    But let’s say that I want to start receiving bounce messages, admin messages, etc. at - should I just simply turn back on local delivery in NW for and it will not interfere with mail to employees at

    Hi mikei

    I try to be polite, sorry and to receive best advice needs a good understanding of the question

    In essence, yes, but to work in full, as expected re bounces, you would be best advised to set the mx record to the IW hosting server and remove your smtp routes for forum.domain.url.

    You could just enable local delivery for forum.domain.url and leave all other settings the same, but the only bounces received would be from the localhost mail server, and all external email sent to user@forum.domain.url would use the mx record, but this seems a strange way to do things for me anyway.

    The settings for forum.domain.url should not interphere with the settings for mydomain.url in relation to the above in this post.

    I hope that helps

    Many thanks