Email bug

I’ve made an autoresponder and deleted it. After, i tried to create a mailboxe with the same email, and it says

Changes NOT saved:
? Error: User’s directory already exists?

Good catch. Another bug fix release will be going out tonight to solve this and another e-mail related bug that just popped up.

You can fix this manually if you choose to, by deleting the file:


and the directory


Version 1.6.2 has been released, and fixes this problem.


Ok thank you, it worked.

But also, the point of the auto-responder isn’t to send an email to the sender notifying him that the message has been received? If so, why can’t there be an auto-responder using the same email as a mailbox’s email?

Autoresponders have many uses.

They can be particularly useful in automating the process of responding to those asking for frequently requested information (FAQs, TOS type lists of rules, etc). For that type of use in some cases the process can be completely automated with no need to setup the “Send Copy To” field. If you setup a link or form instructing visitors to send a blank email to a specific address in order to receive a FAQ or other information there’s really no need to forward the incoming email which is likely to be empty anyway.

Another way of using autoresponders is to send out an automatic response letting the sender know that their email has been received and that you will be getting back to them ASAP. Then you can put any e-mail address in the “send copy to” field.

Autoresponders are not e-mail boxes that you can check mail with, they’re just in place to push mail around. However, you CAN set up a “vacation message” for an e-mail box, which will “autorespond” back to the e-mail sender, and deliver a copy to the receiver’s inbox (which is what I think you’re trying to do oldunis)