Email Issues After Importing

We have been testing some of the import functions of Interworx and found all to be OK except we are having one issue still with Email.

After doing an import from one Interworx server to another we cannot access email through our Email client on the new server at all. All other functions work fine.

We always get the request (Outlook) to re-enter our username and password. When trying to re-enter our mail password the “Enter Password Network” continues to pop up.

We have deleted the actual email accounts and recreated them however this also has no effect. We have created mail boxes from new also however we cannot get access through Outlook etc.

No issues accessing mail through Webmail at all.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

As always any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you

Hi datahost,

I haven’t seen this problem before. Have you tried creating a new account on the server having the e-mail problem, and see if e-mail will work then, removing the imported account from the process? I wonder if there’s not some larger problem with e-mail on the server in general that’s responsible here, and not neccessarily the import system. Feel free to open a support ticket and I’ll take a look and do some testing and I’m sure we’ll get it fixed up.


I had this issue or very similar when moving to a new server. Most of the users were able to login again by going to outlook settings page and reentering their password. Simply typing the password in the popup didn’t seem to work.

See if that works and let us know.

Also, I think I change the softlimit for POP3 b/c sometimes people could login and other times not.
My POP3 softlimit line "exec /usr/bin/softlimit -m 512000000 "

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