Email not leaving the server.

Hi guys,

Here is a little problem we have. A client has a webpage on our system and email on another system. When we generate an email with a php form for example and try to send it to an email address which should go to the email server it never gets there :frowning:

Here is the problem:

Server A hosts web β€” Sends php form email to ON ANOTHER SERVER – Email never gets to server B.

We have changed the A entry in DNS.

What are we missing?

Thanks in advance!

Does here mean that a domain is hosted on 1 box with mail being routed via the MX rec to a 2nd box? If so you need to /home/vpopmail/bin/vdeldomain on the box hosting


Exactly, is web hosted on server A, but all mail is on server B. So just by introducing that command it will solve the problem? What does it actually do? Thanks!

It deletes that domain for Vpopmail meaning that Server A no longer acts as mail server for that name and will no longer receive mail for that domain. If anyone from the outside world sent mail this would never be a problem b/c the MX record would point to server B, but if you send mail from server A and server A also thinks it’s the mail server (locally) the mails will not be forwarded to server B.