Email not over quota but giving quota-exceeded errors


I don’t know if this is a “bug” persay, but here goes:

I’m getting “<>: user is over quota”-errors, even if this particular user is not over it’s allocated disk-quota.

I’ve also noticed that the disk-storage meter for the particular user-account where the email-account is located on is not updating as it should.

The disk-quota has been increased to deal with the issue of disk-space running out, and the current email-usage (in MB) is not over the old allocated disk-quota anyways.

Does it have to do with the maximum amount of files / blocks being stored for the account? (I’ve got a lot of emails stored in the account, in terms of message by message)

I’m a bit confused over why this is happening… please advise, as I am getting email-errors atm, which shouldn’t occur.

Thank you in advance.

Your datacenter has a ticket open with us, and we’re currently working with them on it.


Thank you, yes I saw that you sent through a test mail. Let’s hope that the quota-system will work when the quota for the email-account is switched on yet again.


Please turn on quotas again, and set it back to whatever you had it previously.


Hello, I did not see this thread until now - my mistake. I talked with Kevin at the datacenter and he said that this is a bug related to qmail not being able to handle mailquotas over 2 GB(?).

In any case, I will dabble with the quota during a short period today when things ease down over here.

(thank you)