Email only siteworx account


Made some searches in the forum and google, maybe I did not search with the right terms but I did not find anything directly related to what we need.

We need to be able to create new hosting accounts (siteworx) that only have access to email accounts. Basically, I figured I can change the FTP password to (in a way) disable FTP transfers but the customer still has the ability to use the file manager which I do not seem to be able to disable in the siteworx account properties…

The question is : Is there a way to create an email only siteworx account (in which the user can still login to create email accounts and adjust spam settings and use webmail) but would not have any access to FTP, file manager or anything else related to the web-site part?

Thanks to anyone who helps!

Hi - I think this is what you want. Create the siteworx account as usual, but don’t give the user access to the “master” siteworx account login. Then login to SiteWorx, and go to Administration->User Accounts, and create a new Secondary user that only has access to ‘Login’ and ‘Email’. Then, give your user this new siteworx login information - they’ll only have access to e-mail related stuff!


Exactly what we needed!

Thanks Paul,

This is exactly what we needed! This concept of sub-users that have perticular rights on the panel is new to us (compared to our old Ensim servers) and is a good thing for the type of services we offer.

It is also an answer to some of our customers who need to create a user for a freelancer webmaster for their site which would only have access to webmaster stuff without having access to the email accounts and master password, etc.

Thanks again!