EMail Problems

We just moved from CPnael to Interworx on the new server and ran into an email issue. Apparently there is a problem with courier not playing well with apple apps (verified by the hosting techs) as our mac mail (and our clients) can no longer connect properly to the email server if they use mac mail. The old server used Dovecot and it worked well with apple apps.

Is there a solution or do we need to go back to CPanel so that our clients can access mail via their apple apps?

My mac mail was working perfectly and as soon as it was switched over, quit working for all of the email accounts on Interworx/Courier.

This is the first we’ve heard of courier not working with apple apps. Do you have any specific error messages? If you open a ticket with info to reproduce the problem we’ll be glad to investigate and see what needs to happen to resolve it.


Thanks Paul. I think the web host opened a ticket for the problem. The accounts try to connect via mac mail and won’t synchronize. No change other than cpanel/dovecot to Interworx/courier and all the mailboxes stopped syncing. The techs are trying to install Dovecot now as the last time it happened, that was the fix.

Error messages are intermittent. One time the connection doctor in mac mail says the account will not connect via imap and/or smtp and the next time it’s checked it says it connected, but still won’t sync the inbox.

They copied the mailboxes from cpanel as the Interworx utility kept giving an error when trying to import. Could that have anything to do with the sync not working?

We are experiencing the same issues. On WHM/cPanel Courier was far from stable and using Dovecot was superior. I wish IW would give admins the options of choosing mail servers like Postfix or Qmail and Dovecot or Courier.

Hi cleverwise

I would open a support ticket so interworx could have a look as iw-Paul suggests if your experiencing the same issue.

I’m thinking it might be unique to certain conditions, as our appears to work without issues.

I hope you don’t mind my thoughts

Many thanks


Thanks for the feedback.

I have found Dovecot to be a far more stable connection server over the years then Courier, but I am continuing to play with Courier.

> I hope you don’t mind my thoughts

I don’t mind. As far as my threads and posts go fire away any time with any thoughts. The more ideas the better IMO. :slight_smile:

The only issue we’ve ever had with Apple + Courier is the basic premise that Courier puts all IMAP folders under the Inbox and Dovecot does not. If the Courier server is misconfigured to not advertise a default namespace (“INBOX.”) then Apple Mail will need that setting manually added. Additionally, we’ve seen some older iPhones will not listen to the advertised namespace and need the “INBOX.” namespace manually applied.