Email Problems

I’m not sure this can be classified as a bug but… I have had several complaints the last few days from users who are receiving multiple identical emails from users on my server. I haven’t made any changes to my server’s configuration but I have noticed Nodeworx has updated qmail recently. I was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem.

Hi Lost,

It’s hard to say for sure this is the problem, but give it a try.

Edit the /var/qmail/control/timeoutremote file, and change the number in there to 150.

Then restart the SMTP service like this:

/sbin/service smtp restart

If the complaints stop, that probably resolved it :slight_smile:


I had a similar problem with one client sending to one person. The other guys mail server was lazy or something, but I had to up the timeout by a lot.

Qmail would send the mail, but wouldn’t get a response back saying, “ok, it went through”. So Qmail would put i back in the Queue and send it again later. So the other person would get the same email over and over and over again.

Thanks Guys. I made the change you suggested and haven’t heard back from them since. Looks like it did the trick.