Email Quotas cannot be more than 2GB

With v4.11.2, I am receiving the following error when trying to set a mailbox quota to 5GB:

Quota Range Must Be Between 1 And 2047 (or unlimited): “5120”

We need large quotas so we can offer space competive with providers like Gmail that offer 8+ GB. Is there a technical reason for the 2GB quota limit?

Hi jimp,

Thanks for bringing this up. This was a limitation we discovered a number of years ago now in vpopmail, but I checked it out, and it turns out the limitation has actually been resolved in the current version we distribute - so all we really need to do is change interworx to allow the higher quotas! We’ll make sure to include this in our next update, but if you’d like us to patch your server in the mean time feel free to open a ticket and reference this thread.

Thanks again!


InterWorx releases are frequent, so I don’t think a manual patch will be needed. Thanks for the offer though, and of course for resolving the issue.