Email Spoofing

I’m seeing my server name being spoofed on spam being sent to my clients. This is reflecting very badly on me and I need a way to stop it from happening. I already have an SPF record setup for my server domain and it seems to work but the spoofed addresses are coming from which is my full server name. How can I stop these B45t4rd5?! :mad:

I would like to know as well.

I gather from the lack of responses there is nothing I can do about this problem?

yeah, i dont think there is anything you can do. It is the internet and spoof’n emails is pretty simple, you just fake the FROM header in the SMTP transaction.

You guys are right - not a whole lot you can do because the email is not really coming from your server. Its a real f&*king PITA! Spammers should be shot in the hands and left to rot.

One step you can take that may help a little is spf: sender policy framework.