Enable Mail Account page in siteworx even if local delivery is off

Please consider disabling the “feature” that turns off account creation/modification and viewing. Just because local delivery is disabled.

We have several use cases in which our siteworx accounts are used only for outbound email and emails sent to the users do indeed use a remote mx.

Outbound SMTP works with local delivery disabled as expected, however to create and modify accounts we have to go in and enable “local delivery” just to be able to use the page to create the new accounts.

During the time period that local delivery is enabled, it is possible for an instance of local delivery to occur and this is undesirable as our users will never see these messages.

We came to interworx from CPanel, and this was/is the way CPanel works, they disable only local delivery and not the mail account page when local delivery is off and remote delivery is on.

A banner saying something along the lines of “Mail Delivery is configured to use a remote MX, this server will never receive mail for the accounts below.” seems like it would solve the problem.


I can absolutely create a feature request for that. I do not know when (or if) the devs will take up such a feature request, but I will ensure that your request is noted. Thank you for your input.